[REPORT] Table for Two?: Italy and Other Upper-Middle Powers in Modern Global Affairs

This February, France’s President Emmanuel Macron hosted Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy as well as Germany’s Olaf Scholz. Italy’s Giorgina Meloni was not invited to the dinner and this has caused some tensions between European leaders. While a dinner may seem small, the challenges that the European Union faces are not.

The New Normal/La Nouvelle Normalité/新常態: The G7 Summit vs China-Central Asia Summit: A New Group Confrontation?

This article discusses whether the G7 and China-Central Asia summits are symbols of a new group confrontation

The New Normal/La Nouvelle Normalité/新常態: From Japan-South Korea Rapprochement, AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Cooperation, to the US gaining military access to Philine Base: US Deployment in the Indo-Pacific

The US is trying to strengthen its military ties with Japan, Korea, AUKUS, and the Philippines to contain China.

(Analysis) The Return of Hard Geopolitics: Towards a New Era of EU-Japan Strategic Cooperation?

With increasing entanglements between Japan and the EU has there been a tipping point in EU-Japan strategic convergence?

TNGO Surveillance: Asia-Pacific – Fresh Tensions in the Sea of Japan

The Geopolitical backdrop in East Asia is simmering between North Korea and Japan with Pyongyang intensifying its hard power military projection, leading Tokyo and its allies to enhance their deterrence.

Let’s Tune In: Shinzo Abe’s Assassination

On 8th July 2022, the former Japanese President Shinzo Abe, one of the most influencial japanese politician post the Second War World and a candidate for the election that would have taken place two days ahead, was shot twice while he was attending an event where he had a speech.

[ANALYSIS] Japan-France Bilateral Partnership: What Future Direction for Strategic and Non-Traditional Security Cooperation?

France and Japan have long maintained close political and economic ties. Growing competition from China on the economic and security fronts, coupled with the increasing concern over the effects of climate change, requires France and Japan, two nations in the Indo-Pacific region and members of the G7, to leverage their cooperation to safeguard peace and stability of this maritime zone.

Japan: UK-EU Trade Deals to Revolutionize Geopolitics

Brexit has inevitably revolutionized the position of the UK in geopolitics, and the latter has had to start over agreements with the whole world. Finding itself in such a globalised environment that demands deals to be secured rapidly, it is inevitable the UK has been wanting to prioritise agreements that would bring win-win benefits for its growth as an individual power. These, including the deal with Japan, will take time to perfection.

[Analysis] China-Japan: Ping-Pong Diplomacy in the East China Sea

Ping-Pong Diplomacy between Japan and China is causing tensions to rise in the East China Sea.
Is there a solution to the Sino-Chinese frictions?