Argentine Foreign Policy and its Development Model: Reflections on its Relationship with The Sino-US Rivalry

The government has assumed a position where International Relations are unanchored from the link between the nation-states.

The Knot of The Arabian Peninsula: The Intricate Waterways of Yemen and Qatar

The 100-day threshold has been passed: since October 7, when the latest phase of the conflict in Gaza began, the situation has evolved on multiple levels. As the echoes of the conflict have widened, regional and international actors become increasingly involved. Once again, the waters of the Middle East are turbulent, reflecting an unstable geopolitical situation.

The False Dilemma Between State or Market

How we can understand the current socio-economic governance? Is only the private sector the main economic vector? The globalization has multiplied and strengthened economic, social, political, and environmental agendas, risks, and potential coordinations, but which should be the role of the State in this context?

Japan: UK-EU Trade Deals to Revolutionize Geopolitics

Brexit has inevitably revolutionized the position of the UK in geopolitics, and the latter has had to start over agreements with the whole world. Finding itself in such a globalised environment that demands deals to be secured rapidly, it is inevitable the UK has been wanting to prioritise agreements that would bring win-win benefits for its growth as an individual power. These, including the deal with Japan, will take time to perfection.