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When The Besieged Becomes The Besieger: How Destroying Gaza Could Backfire And Jeopardize Israel’s Foreign Relations

Israel spent the last fifty years working to normalize regional relations and alleviate the innate tension around the birth of the Israeli State. But now, just as Netanyahu’s government is conducting the most aggressive military operation in Gaza, the web of regional relations built so laboriously is starting to tremble. How are Israel’s foreign relations being shaped by its approach to this conflict?

UK’s Immigration Pledges Face Reality Check

On December 4th, 2023, UK Home Secretary James Cleverly outlined a “five-point plan” to reduce legal migration by 300,000 through tighter rules, impacting dependants, income thresholds, and job sponsorships. These changes, amidst Rishi Sunak’s pledge to reduce immigration, faced criticism for potentially exacerbating worker shortages and harming economic growth, as well as raising human rights concerns. The divisive plan and the scrutinized Rwanda Scheme indicate the Conservatives’ struggle to balance electoral promises with practical policy delivery.


Daniel Noboa, Ecuador’s new president, is facing severe challenges with drug-related violence escalating. Gang wars have intensified following gangster ‘Fito’s’ escape, resulting in numerous attacks, including a notably violent incident at TC Television. Noboa declared a state of emergency, involved the military, and won unprecedented parliamentary support despite lacking a majority. With Ecuador becoming an international drug hub, his militarized strategy and international cooperation are crucial to his presidency’s success.

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