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About Episode N.03

In this episode, TNGO Political Analyst Tobias Belgrano and women’s rights activist Sana Askari welcome H.E. Ajmal Shams, president of the Afghan Social Democratic Party, to navigate the past, current, and future political trajectories of Afghanistan.

About Episode N.02

In this episode, TNGO Political Analysts Francesco Felici and Tobias Belgrano welcome three guests to navigate recent investigations on Chinese influence on British politicians, the partisan struggle for power in Brazil, and the works of our investigative journalists in Turkey.

Guests: Giuseppe Bartalotta (Contributor, Newsroom), Darli Magioni Jr. (Content Writer, Editorial Board), and Margaux Seigneur (Director of Investigative Journalism).

About Episode N.01

In this episode, host and TNGO Political Analyst Francesco Felici walks us through the recent US-Russia tensions on cybersecurity, the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party, Ukraine’s policy on media restrictions, and cognitive warfare in international relations.

Guests: Giuseppe Bartalotta (Contributor, Newsroom), Maixent Crèmadés (Contributor, Fast News), and Greta Di Mattia and Arushi Singh (Political Analysts).