How Many Retaliations Create A War? Israel And Iran’s Deterrence Dilemma

Israel has carried out a military strike on Iran in response to Tehran’s attack last Saturday. While no material damage seems to have occurred, this mutual show of force that prioritizes war deterrence over de-escalation increases dramatically the level of tension in the region.

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Slovakia Elects Pro-Putin Left-Wing President

Slovak voters chose a pro-Russian President and risk their standing within the European Union and the West.

Lights And Shadows Of The Strategic Partnership Between Egypt And The EU

On the 17th of March, the European Union and the Arab Republic of Egypt have signed a Joint Declaration for a Strategic and Comprehensive Partnership, covering several areas of interest and unleashing billions of euros for investments.

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: 60 Years Of A Divided Cyprus

Cyprus has been an island divided for decades. The Untied Nations is warning that the opportunity for reunification is now or never.

When The Besieged Becomes The Besieger: How Destroying Gaza Could Backfire And Jeopardize Israel’s Foreign Relations

Israel spent the last fifty years working to normalize regional relations and alleviate the innate tension around the birth of the Israeli State. But now, just as Netanyahu’s government is conducting the most aggressive military operation in Gaza, the web of regional relations built so laboriously is starting to tremble. How are Israel’s foreign relations being shaped by its approach to this conflict?

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Chiara Ferragni, PandoroGate and EasterEggGate

Chiara Ferragni has been in the spotlight for years in Italy yet now her reputation has been damaged by numerous scandals that have recently been uncovered.