How Ukraine’s Resistance to Authoritarianism Could Inspire Taiwan: Perspectives from China and the USA

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and has since had its troops in Ukraine. Ukraine has been resistant and have fought back with the help of countries like the United States. While countries like China has neither sent military help to Ukraine to help with the invasion nor has it allied with Russia. The determination of Ukraine in fighting back has given courage to small countries like Taiwan to take practical steps to avoid their democracy and freedom taken away by China. The Taiwanese have decided to stand strong like the Ukrainians.

Let’s Tune In: Taiwan’s Issue

The Chinese response to the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the highest American representative person there since 1997, arrives. Republic of China decided that the right response was to halt the US and Chinese cooperation in several fields such as defence, justice, and climate change and to take several measures against Nancy Pelosi and her immediate family members, this last in accordance with relevant laws in China.

Escaping Meltdown, For Now: Peru’s Economy Goes On

Peru was hardly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and a permanent state of political crisis, and yet, Peru’s economy kept performing well due to a fresh wave of domestic investments and increase in public spending. However, the country and its government still face serious challenges for its long-term economic health.

Let’s Tune In: Gas Supply Diversification

In the attempt to disengage Russia from the European gas supplier role, Italy signed 15 agreements with Algeria last week, agreements that made Algeria the biggest Italian gas supplier and they came together with several memorandums of understanding in areas ranging from energy to sustainable development, justice and micro-enterprises. it was the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi himself who presented the agreement during his visit to Algeria.

The Role of Science in Society: The Chinese Social Credit System

The Chinese credit score system, of mandatory participation, is based on a data crossing behavioral scoring network, that leads to individual punishments and rewards. Since its introduction, the SCS has been received apprehensively. Many highlight the dangers of research and development policies centered on an instrumental view of science which, conceals surveillance systems of the nationals and limits individual rights and freedoms.

Let’s Tune In: Shinzo Abe’s Assassination

On 8th July 2022, the former Japanese President Shinzo Abe, one of the most influencial japanese politician post the Second War World and a candidate for the election that would have taken place two days ahead, was shot twice while he was attending an event where he had a speech.

[Analysis] A Fortified or Pearsonian Middle Power? Canada’s Strategic Dilemma with Hard Power Politics

In this final entry of a three-part analysis, the article proposes how Canada can posture itself as a multi-peripheral middle power through the incorporation of hard power politics into its national security and defence planning and operations.

[ANALYSIS] Japan-France Bilateral Partnership: What Future Direction for Strategic and Non-Traditional Security Cooperation?

France and Japan have long maintained close political and economic ties. Growing competition from China on the economic and security fronts, coupled with the increasing concern over the effects of climate change, requires France and Japan, two nations in the Indo-Pacific region and members of the G7, to leverage their cooperation to safeguard peace and stability of this maritime zone.