(Analysis) China-North Korea: Brotherhood or Strategic Necessity? 

China and North Korea are often portrayed as close allies, bound by historical ties and mutual interests. However, beneath the surface lies a intricate game of strategy and maneuvering. This ‘cheese game’ reveals nuances and tensions that challenge the perception of an unbreakable bond. We will delve into the history, structural factors, and key incidents to uncover the true nature of the China-North Korea relationship—a relationship that may not be as steadfast as commonly believed.

China or the West? A Look into Fiji’s Foreign Policy

This article explores Fiji’s foreign policy in the context of broader US-China competition in the Pacific region. Other areas of discussion include Fiji’s leadership role in the Pacific region, Pacific regionalism, and changes in Fiji’s foreign policy following the 2022 general election.

Securing Tomorrow: The BND and German Foreign Intelligence

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) is Germany’s foreign intelligence service, which is seen as a transparent tool of the German republican democracy. Recently, it has faced criticism for a series of counterintelligence debacles and public debate has emerged about its effectiveness as an intelligence service. This article examines the BND’s tasks, structure, and fundamental differences compared to conventional intelligence services. 

The Golden Triangle’s City Built on Dirty Money

For decades, the Golden Triangle, a region wedged between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos along the Mekong River, has been synonymous with opium production, organised crime, and rebel militias. In recent years, in the northern part of Laos, the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has come under the control of Chinese casino mogul Zhao Wei, since his Hong Kong registered company, Kings Romans, leased the land for 99 years.

A Crossing of Two Hands? The European Youth and The EU Bubble

Paulina Ríos Maya and Liz Morán explore the dynamic and sometimes fraught relationship between the European youth and the EU Bubble, examining how this relationship shapes the future of the European project.

Post – Security Law: The Dawn of Hong Kong Financial Hub?

Will Hong Kong retain its status as an international financial hub following the passing of the national security law? This article examines China’s economic goals, recent geopolitical shifts, and initiatives like the Belt and Road and Greater Bay Area, while assessing Hong Kong’s unique financial strengths and future.

(Article) Elections to the Catalan Parliament: Life beyond independence

In the Catalan elections last May, voters opened a new window on their political reality: new parties, new priorities and, above all, a lot of uncertainty. Who will be the next President of the Generalitat?