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The New Global Order is an international, independent, and no-profit think tank with a young, fast-pacing, and multicultural work environment. Our goal is to fight disinformation in international affairs through unbiased, reliable, and timely analyses.

Are you a student or young professional willing to contribute to a more reliable form of journalism with the mission of empowering readers all across the globe to understand global affairs despite unequal access to education, information, and power? Apply here and we will make sure to use your skills to pursue our common goal!

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Our Recruitment Policy

TNGO is a no-profit think tank that does not generate any revenue from its contents or partnerships and relies 100% on donations from readers and subscribers. As a result, the think tank maintains its complete independence to publish original works that could be detrimental to the image of certain groups of interest for the sake of true, unfiltered journalism.

Financing from TNGO founders (as % of total funds)

83.3 %

Financing from donors and subscribers (as % of total funds)

16.7 %

What does this mean for applicants?

Applicants should be aware that all positions are voluntary as the think tank is unable to provide a stipend for its members, given the editorial policy described above.

What can we offer?

TNGO aims to empower aspiring journalists, practitioners of international affairs, and young professionals to contribute to a social cause in a young, international environment. The think tank will give you the opportunity to publish your original works and research through a new lens while at the same time contributing to the fight against disinformation in mass media.

Furthermore, if you want to have your contribution to TNGO recognized as internship, placement, or need a letter of reference for future employment, our HR team is available to work with you to make that happen.

TNGO Internship Program

TNGO strives to provide learning and training opportunities for higher education students and young professionals through its Internship Program. Starting from August 2020, eligible students are welcome to apply for internship positions at TNGO and pursue academic recognition for their efforts in the think tank. If interested, please apply through the Application Form below and state your interest in an internship program in the Statement of Interest.

UniversityLocationInternship Programs to date
University of Bath - WikipediaBath, United Kingdom2
Dublin, Ireland1
List of universities we have established internship agreements with.
Erika Fedorova

I have found this placement to be incredibly fulfilling, hence I am extremely grateful to have been a part of the team. I have had a vast array of opportunities to learn and develop my political knowledge and journalistic skills at TNGO, through being in regular contact with a variety of specialists and being given the freedom and flexibility to explore many different areas of political journalism.

Erika Fedorova

Former Political Analysis Intern at TNGO

Position Overview

OPEN NOW: Multiple Vacancies

TNGO is excited to launch a new call for multiple vacancies at the organization. The positions are voluntary and candidates can apply for an internship in the specified roles.

Open Positions


Social Media Manager

Newsroom Columnist

Political Analyst/Content Writer


Web Designer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Video Editor

Observatory Team Leader

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