The Fundamental Right to Strike: 20 Years After Genova, the Fighting Still Ensues

From July 18 to 22, 2001, thousands of people gathered in the narrow streets of Genova. Twenty years later, the legacy of this summit is characterized – rather than from the content of the discussions of the G8 world leaders – from the violence which ensued in the streets, as young protestors and activists which had gathered from all over the world were met with a brutal repression from the Italian police. Hence, it appears that the right to strike, although solidly established and recognised at the international level, is often defied when actually put into practice.

The Italian House of Cards: Reviewing the Reasons for the Political Crisis in Italy

As the political crisis hits in Italy, political scientists have questioned the real motives of the crisis. The timing of the crisis and the obscure meanders of Senator Renzi’s political experience cast some doubts on the actual reasons of the deadlock in such crucial times for the country.

La Campagna Amnesty International sul Consenso

Dalla campagna Amnesty International #iolochiedo emerge l’importanza di sottolineare una cultura del consenso, in maniera immediata e pratica. Da un rapporto Istat del 2019 si nota in particolare come lo stereotipo di genere possa influire in un approccio gender-sensitive e nel contrasto alla violenza contro le donne. Scopri nell’articolo l’intreccio tra consenso, stereotipo e cambiamento nel paradigma culturale e giuridico.

Il Caso Silvia Romano: Misoginia e Polarizzazione nella Società “Social” Italiana

Lo scorso 9 Maggio Silvia Romano è stata liberata dopo un anno e mezzo di prigionia per mano del gruppo terroristico somalo Al Shabaab. Come ha risposto la società italiana a questo evento apparentemente neutrale e gioioso?

[REPORT] The Italian Participation in Peacekeeping Operations

On May 29, the world celebrates the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. Italy is one of the most committed nations in this field, starting from the 1990s, when its engagement in peacekeeping operations sharply increased.
Guest Contributor Maicol Cocco has authored a thorough report on Italy’s history and budget-spending on peacekeeping operations.