LGBT Rights Are Human Rights

On June 14th, Sarah Hegazy, a 30 years-old Egyptian queer activist, took her own life in Canada, where she moved out after being detained in Egypt. The news spread throughout mass media: three years ago, during Mashrou’ Leila’s concert, she waved the flag symbol of LGBT+ rights and movement, which was the cause of her painful detention that lasted three months.

The Coronavirus Vaccine and Medical Racism in Africa

Two French doctors have recently proposed to conduct unscrupulous research for the Coronavirus vaccine in Africa. This is just the last of many examples of how the West carries a racist medical agenda in the African continent. How can we move away from these practices and invest in an even global medical development?

Thugs in Uniform? Police Brutality in Kenya

With the Spirit of revolution in the air sparked by the murder of George Floyd in the United States, civilians all over the world are waking up to the injustices around them. Not to be left behind, while standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the US, Kenyans are finally voicing their rage at their own system currently also being plagued by ghastly levels of violence at the hands of the Police.

Cambiamento Climatico: i Rischi Per Il XXI Secolo

Il nesso tra cambiamento climatico e sicurezza umana sta ricevendo sempre maggiore attenzione. I cambiamenti del clima infatti, con tutto ciò che comportano, sono in grado di amplificare tensioni e innescare nuove lotte, soprattutto a livello intercomunale. Come i fatti sfortunatamente provano, il continente africano ha già avuto modo di sperimentare tali effetti.