The Effect of Novichok: The Case of Navalny and The EU-Russia Relations

Alexei Navalny, the main opposition leader in Russia against President Putin’s regime has been poisoned with Novichok, a dangerous nerve agent that has been allegedly used several times against Russian opposition figures. How will that affect the relations between the EU and Russia?

What Does The EU Have To Do With Lebanon?

The European Union quickly responded to the Beirut blast with physical and financial aid to Lebanon.
It is not the event that market the beginning of their relations. EU-Lebanon partnership, in fact, started in 2002.
Will the EU be able to maintain the promises made 18 years ago even in this emergency situation?

Next Generation EU: Le Plan Européen Pour La Reprise Post COVID-19

Le 21 juillet dernier, le Conseil européen approuve l’émission de 750 milliards d’euros de fonds pour faire face à la crise post COVID-19. Le plan de relance s’inscrit dans le Next Generation EU, le nouvel instrument proposé par la Commission le 27 mai dernier. Les fonds seront liés à des objectifs européens communs: parmi tout, faire face au changement climatique.

Japan: UK-EU Trade Deals to Revolutionize Geopolitics

Brexit has inevitably revolutionized the position of the UK in geopolitics, and the latter has had to start over agreements with the whole world. Finding itself in such a globalised environment that demands deals to be secured rapidly, it is inevitable the UK has been wanting to prioritise agreements that would bring win-win benefits for its growth as an individual power. These, including the deal with Japan, will take time to perfection.