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The New Global Order stems from the need of young and politically active people, such as the team of collaborators that work on this page, and from the hope of being able to make discussion spring from simple comments to articles, opinions or thoughts on current global phenomena.

The New Global Order writer, editors, and contributors are independent authors of original contents, with the mission of pursuing a more authentic paradigm of journalism vis-a-vis the brutalization of mass-media communication and news outlets.


Youth Empowerment

We publish the works of young writers, aspiring journalists, and higher education students.


All our contents are 100% free because we believe in democratic access to information.


Every single article is fact-checked and proof-read for opinionated arguments as we aim to enable readers to think independently and critically of the world around them.

Editorial Board

Giacomo Di Capua

Giacomo Di Capua

Founder, Editor in Chief

Aurora Ceccotti

Deputy Editor in Chief

Sonia Harim

Political Analyst, Middle Eastern Affairs

Norberto Cristofori

Political Analyst, US 2020 Primaries

Vittoria Corrado

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Marta Moretti

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Lucía Ballester Bellver

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Francesca Mele

Political Analyst, Indian & Humanitarian Affairs

Milena Di Nenno

Political Analyst, International Affairs
francesco felici

Francesco Felici

Political Analyst, Cinema & Society

Janet Kimani

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Rebecca Marighella

Political Analyst, Asian Affairs

Clara Browne-Amorim

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Martina Dazzi

Political Analyst, International Affairs

Illustration Team

Andrea Ruffoni Semidey


Marija Sta


Rossella Gangi


Marketing Team

Alessandro Di Fabio

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marco De Martino

Digital Marketing Specialist

To contact the Marketing Department, please email tngo.marketing@gmail.com.

Human Resources

Rynelle De Souza

Head of Human Resources

To contact Human Resources, please email tngo.humanresources@gmail.com.


Alessandro Tutino

Aron Diening, co-author of “The Politics of Journalism

Daniela Movileanu

Erika Fedorova

Filippo Romeo Angeli

Giorgio Appignanesi, author of PROCESSO SALVINI: La Legge è Uguale per Tutti?

Giulia Andretta

Kamila Koronska

Matthew Lynes

Mireia Ginferrer Benito

Paolina Bertuzzi

Stefania Rinaldi

Valeria Uncino

Guest Contributors

Giorgia Gulotta, co-author of “[REPORT] Australia amidst Fires“.

Giovanna Diplomatico, co-author of “[REPORT] Australia amidst Fires“.

Lorenzo Pierangelini

Maicol Cocco

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