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The Geopolitical, Economic, and Environmental Impacts of TurkStream
On January 1, 2021, at a televised event held near Novi Sad, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic attended the opening ceremony for the Serbian section of the BalkanStream natural-gas pipeline, part of a larger project known as TurkStream which delivers Russian gas to Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary.
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US Sanctions on the ICC: A Symptomatic Approach Towards International Law
Trump's sanctions on the International Criminal Court only stressed a tendency that has always characterised the US approach towards the international criminal jurisdiction. Will anything change under Biden's presidency?
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Navalny: Harbinger of Democracy or Flash in the Pan?
The arrest of Alexey Navalny upon his return to Russia has triggered widespread protests. For many, they represent the first step towards democratization. This article, though, argues that things are more complicated. The first problem is that Navalny is a much more controversial figure than he seems. In fact, his idea of democracy might be very different from the Western concept of democracy. The second problem is less idiosyncratic and more strategic. Namely, the Russia regime seems willing to lock up Navalny for quite some time. And this alone, could leave protestors without a leader and without purpose.
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Israel: Startling Success to the Detriment of Palestinians
Israel is greatly succeeding in its vaccination plan. But is this success coming at the expense of five million Palestinians?
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Russian Protest: Anti-Corruption, Pro-Navalny, and Violent
On January 23rd, protests across Russia demanded Alexei Navalny's release from detainment, and called out the corruption unveiled in his latest investigation. The demonstrations grew quickly in size and in violence, instantly attracting international attention.
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[Analysis] EU-China Agreement on Investment: Impact on the Western Balkans
The European Union and the Western Balkans share the same history and future. Therefore, the Chinese interest in the Balkans has long been perceived as an intrusion. Yet, on December 30, 2020, the European Union and China reached an historic Agreement on investment and trade. What does this rapprochement between the two rival suitors mean for the Western Balkans? For sure, the EU-China Agreement is controversial. But it may show a promising opening, by China, to a rules-based economic system. In Eastern Europe, this means that China could be brought to respect the EU 2030 agenda, especially for what concerns the green transition and digitalization.
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Our Latest Reports

[REPORT] US Police In The #BLM Protests
In 2020, the murder of George Floyd ignited nation-wide protests under the slogan "Black Lives Matter" to condemn police brutality and demand accountability. After several months, it is important to take stock of the situation and analyze the phenomenon, from its historical roots to the implications for domestic politics in the US
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[Report] Israele – Palestina: Lo Stato Attuale delle Cose
Sono trascorsi ormai mesi dall'annuncio da parte del governo israeliano di voler annettere parti della Cisgiordania, ma di fatto nessuna annessione ha ancora avuto luogo. Cerchiamo di capire perché e a che punto è la situazione generale al momento.
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[REPORT] The Demographic Catastrophe in Syria
Syrians of all backgrounds are becoming the victims of the regional powers' hunger: as the country is depleted and its citizens are displaced or disappear, international powers seem to only look after their own benefit.
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[REPORT] Ideologías, Nacionalismos y la Gestión del COVID-19 en España
La gestión de la crisis del COVID-19 ha perjudicado la opinión pública de la sociedad española según los datos del CIS. Ha permitido la creación de un contexto de oportunidad política a una derecha muy presente y bastante fuerte en la actualidad.
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[REPORT] Coping With A Humanitarian Crisis: The Role Of Turkey In The Syrian Civil War
News on the Syrian crisis hardly makes headlines. Nevertheless, factual reality suggests that the war in Syria is still an urgent matter, especially regarding the refugee crisis. Turkey, for example, hosts the highest number of refugees in the world, roughly 3 million. What domestic and foreign impact did the Syrian civil war have on Turkey?
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[REPORT] Élargissement de l’Union Européenne
Depuis son institution en 1957 sous le nom de C.E.E., l’Union Européenne a poursuivi le processus d'élargissement. En savoir plus dans le Report.
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[REPORT] The Italian Participation in Peacekeeping Operations
On May 29, the world celebrates the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. Italy is one of the most committed nations in this field, starting from the 1990s, when its engagement in peacekeeping operations sharply increased. Guest Contributor Maicol Cocco has authored a thorough report on Italy's history and budget-spending on peacekeeping operations.
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