UK’s Immigration Pledges Face Reality Check

On December 4th, 2023, UK Home Secretary James Cleverly outlined a “five-point plan” to reduce legal migration by 300,000 through tighter rules, impacting dependants, income thresholds, and job sponsorships. These changes, amidst Rishi Sunak’s pledge to reduce immigration, faced criticism for potentially exacerbating worker shortages and harming economic growth, as well as raising human rights concerns. The divisive plan and the scrutinized Rwanda Scheme indicate the Conservatives’ struggle to balance electoral promises with practical policy delivery.

Bedlam At The Border: How The Frontier Has Become A Key Issue In Mexico-U.S Relations

The article discusses the most recent developments at the U.S.-Mexico border, especially in light of the expiration of Title 42, which might present a whole new set of challenges for both administrations. U.S. Congress will keep a keen eye on President Biden’s moves in terms of immigration, a highly contentious issue in U.S. politics, while President Lopez Obrador has given to other issues affecting Mexico, which might suggest that the two countries are not in agreement as to the urgency of the issue.

[ANALYSIS] A Brief History of Rwanda: Understanding the UK-Rwanda Partnership Through a Historical Lens

This analysis introduces a brief history of Rwanda, in the belief that knowledge about a state’s past helps to elucidates its present. The article concludes with an analysis of the UK-Rwanda partnership in this historical context, asking whether this is a partnership that will really benefit Rwanda.

[Analysis] Regularising Undocumented Migrants in the European Union: The Added COVID-19 Factor

Once a taboo, the word regularisation has made its comeback into the EU’s vocabulary since the beginning of the health crisis. But what is regularisation? What are its pros and cons? And why has COVID-19 spiced up the political debate on regularisation?