LGBTQ+ Persecution in Nigeria

LGBTQ+ individuals face numerous challenges all over the world, however, it must be said that these challenges are more acute in Nigeria. While other countries on the continent, such as Cape Verde and South Africa have taken steps towards the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community, Nigeria has done the opposite.

Queering Conflict Transformation and Peace-building

Queering infrastructures of peace can enhance conflict transformation and construct true gender transformative peace-building policies. The article will cite the conditions of the queer population across the globe to provide recommendations for how queering peace and security can holistically transmute dynamics of conflict transformation.

Remembering the Persecution of Homosexuals During the Nazi and Fascist Regimes

Sexual minorities were one of the social groups persecuted during the nazi and fascist regimes. Despite the end of the dictatorships, sexual and gender minorities were still persecuted in some European countries. Only decades after WWII, the LGBT+ community started claiming their space and their memory. As a result, the erection of monuments in memory of the persecution of homosexuals during the holocaust was one of the first steps to pay tribute to those who died and suffered.

LGBT Rights Are Human Rights

On June 14th, Sarah Hegazy, a 30 years-old Egyptian queer activist, took her own life in Canada, where she moved out after being detained in Egypt. The news spread throughout mass media: three years ago, during Mashrou’ Leila’s concert, she waved the flag symbol of LGBT+ rights and movement, which was the cause of her painful detention that lasted three months.