Daniel Noboa, Ecuador’s new president, is facing severe challenges with drug-related violence escalating. Gang wars have intensified following gangster ‘Fito’s’ escape, resulting in numerous attacks, including a notably violent incident at TC Television. Noboa declared a state of emergency, involved the military, and won unprecedented parliamentary support despite lacking a majority. With Ecuador becoming an international drug hub, his militarized strategy and international cooperation are crucial to his presidency’s success.

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Hacking Impacts Poland’s Railway System And NATO

Poland suffered hacking which impacted its trains. In July however it faced another hacking incident which affected sensitive information from NATO.

The Growing Role of Armed Forces in Public Security: Implications and Challenges in Latin America

Latin America’s historical narrative is intricately woven with the complex interrelationship between armed forces and politics. From the authoritative reign of 19th-century figures like Juan Manuel de Rosas to the military’s political prominence in the 20th century, the region’s trajectory has been profoundly shaped by this alliance. The shift towards democracy during the 1980s curtailed direct military influence, although discussions on their role endure. Present-day challenges, exemplified by the rise of organized crime, have propelled armed forces into new roles. Peru and Mexico serve as pertinent examples, where armed actors with economic and military clout challenge state authority. Governments are now recalibrating the role of armed forces to strike a harmonious balance between security imperatives and democratic governance. This article delves into these nuances, spotlighting Peru and Mexico as illustrative case studies within this intricate framework.

Myanmar Military Coup: An Ensuing Crisis of Democracy

On 1 February, Myanmar’s military enacted a coup against the ruling NLD party, detaining former State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint. The military’s removal of the elected government has showcased Myanmar’s democracy crisis.

Air Confrontation Between Four Countries Distresses East Asia

While the world is still dealing with the impacts of the pandemic, the Russian and Chinese militaries seem to be growing closer than ever. On December 22nd, 2020, Russian and Chinese bombers flew a joint patrol mission over an area of the Western Pacific that is dangerously close to disputed territories between China, South Korea, and Japan. This mission succeeds a first one in 2019 which had already shaken up peace in East Asia.