Ghada Jamal: the Painter of the Lebanese’s Suffering and Hope

Encounter with the Lebanese artist Ghada Jamal during her exhibition “Belonging for 1990-2022” depicting the suffering and hopes of Lebanon.

What Does The EU Have To Do With Lebanon?

The European Union quickly responded to the Beirut blast with physical and financial aid to Lebanon.
It is not the event that market the beginning of their relations. EU-Lebanon partnership, in fact, started in 2002.
Will the EU be able to maintain the promises made 18 years ago even in this emergency situation?

Covid-19 Did Not Stop the Fight for Justice in Lebanon – A Conversation with Laila Kaddour

Laila Kaddour, from Tripoli, Lebanon, was interviewed by TNGO’s political analyst Aurora Ceccotti to have a personal point of view about what it means to live in Lebanon in this unprecedented historical period.