Science, Technology, and Innovation: The 9th Annual Forum.

The infamous saying “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is a philosophical heirloom, passed …

Chile’s National Lithium Strategy: Balancing Sustainable Resource Management And Economic Growth

Chile’s push to harness its vast lithium reserves for a greener future is garnering attention. President Gabriel Boric’s visionary plan aims to position the nation as a battery industry leader, pivoting towards renewable energy. However, concerns loom over potential nationalization and private sector involvement. With global lithium demand on the rise, Chile’s strategy embraces state-controlled mining, sustainable practices, and local value chain growth. Balancing these goals, while attracting new players and preserving the environment, presents a complex challenge. As Chile strides towards sustainable lithium production, its strategy embodies a crucial global conversation on resource utilization and environmental responsibility.

[Analysis] China’s Energy Sustainability, the 2060 Vision, and the EU

The People’s Republic of China has become one of the most prominent geopolitical leaders worldwide, with a booming economy, growing domestic consumption, and a skyrocketing rise of global financial influence through world-renowned investment projects such as the infamous Belt and Road initiative. Such a rise has deeply affected its energy consumption, requiring a prevalently coal-driven energetic production to keep up with its ramping economic growth.

Rischio Spillover: a fine emergenza ne dovremo tener conto.

Negli ultimi decenni l’uomo ha adottato pratiche e stili di vita che lo hanno portato ad un contatto eccessivo con il mondo animale. Dallo sfruttamento di luoghi naturali al cibarsi di particolari animali selvatici che, come informa l’articolo, spesso possiedono cariche virali insopportabili per i nostri sistemi immunitari.

L’attuale pandemia è il probabile risultato di tali atteggiamenti: un effetto della mancanza di rispetto di certi ambienti ed ecosistemi, un rispetto che si è convertito oggi in imperativo.