Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: The European Union And The Rogue Three

Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have taken it upon themselves to unilaterally ban grain and agricultural products from Ukraine. Ukraine has filed a complaint with the WTO and the EU may defend them while simultaneously start an infringement procedure against them.

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Hungary Advocates for Georgian EU Candidate Status

Last year Ukraine and Moldova were recognized as official candidates of the EU. Georgia on the other hand only had its European perspective recognized but Hungary isn’t having it anymore. Hungary calls this decision political rather than based on merit and demands Georgia be given candidate status this fall.

Democratic Backsliding and Self-Centered Foreign Policy: Hungary-EU Relations in Perils

The rise of Viktor Orbán’s right-wing populist party, Fidesz, in Hungary in 2010 has led to tension and conflict between Hungary and the EU. The Hungarian government’s numerous legislative acts undermine democracy, human rights, and the freedoms of its citizens, posing a pressing issue for both Hungarian citizens and the EU. The EU faces obstacles in holding Hungary accountable for its actions, but prolonged inaction could lead to increasingly severe consequences.

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: European Union and 15 Member States Sue Hungary

15 EU member states join the European Union in its lawsuit against Hungary regarding the Child Protection Act. The EU and these member states accuse Hungary of discrimination against the LGBT community and attempt to portray members of the community as pedophiles who are a threat to children.