Russian Protest: Anti-Corruption, Pro-Navalny, and Violent

On January 23rd, protests across Russia demanded Alexei Navalny’s release from detainment, and called out the corruption unveiled in his latest investigation. The demonstrations grew quickly in size and in violence, instantly attracting international attention.

[Analysis] Is A Political Transition On The Horizon For Thailand?

The political turmoil happening in Thailand has accompanied the news for the whole of 2020. But what is happening in Thailand? Understanding the sociopolitical dynamics of the Thai nation is extremely complicated, as its history is characterized by intense and frequent political shocks that have left space for confusion and little opportunity for the growth of this country. The current protests led by the Thai youth, however, seem to have the needed potential to change the future political landscape of this country.

Da 100 Giorni In Bielorussia È Sempre Domenica

Sono passati più di cento giorni dall’inizio delle proteste contro il regime corrotto di Aleksandr Lukašenko. Ed ancora adesso, a dispetto della stanchezza, del sopraggiungere dell’inverno, della pandemia e dell’alta probabilità di essere malmenati, detenuti o fatti sparire, centinaia di persone ogni domenica a Minsk scendono in piazza a protestare.