Euros 2020: England’s Loss and Ensuing Racism Show a National Symbol Caught in a Global Movement

England’s loss in the 2020 Euros and ensuing racism against the team’s Black players has cast a light on the conflict between a national symbol and a surrounding global movement.

Protesting for Change – A Conversation with Caroline Skye Grossman

The murder of George Floyd was one of the numerous cases of police brutality towards African-American people. This specific case seems to have raised unprecedented awareness about racism and initiated a series of protests under the slogan “black lives matter.” TNGO political analyst Aurora Ceccotti interviewed Caroline Skye Grossman, who explains what it is like to actively take part of this movement, protesting in the streets of New York.

The Coronavirus Vaccine and Medical Racism in Africa

Two French doctors have recently proposed to conduct unscrupulous research for the Coronavirus vaccine in Africa. This is just the last of many examples of how the West carries a racist medical agenda in the African continent. How can we move away from these practices and invest in an even global medical development?


“I Can’t Breathe.” These are the words that have shook the world. The crude murder of George Floyd by a member of the Minneapolis Police Department has started a chain of reaction that now sees Minnesota’s chief town in riot. And yes, I said murder, for the action of former police officer Derek Chauvin cannot just be dismissed as an excess of force during the arrest. Yet, as an act of manslaughter guided by racial hate. And as such, it begets anger from those who cannot just stand by for such events.

“I Can’t Breathe”: Enough is Enough

Minneapolis is literally on fire since George Floyd, 46, became the latest in a long line of black men and women to die in police custody. Derek Chauvin was called to the scene because Floyd was accused of writing a bad cheque; the scene climaxed with Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck, brutally suffocating him in broad daylight.