Being a Feminist Activist in Turkey: The Voices to be Silenced

In conversation with two student feminist activists in Ankara, Turkey. A discussion detailing the shared experiences and risks of the Turkish student feminist against the police, far-right groups, their universities and the state, and how solidarity prevails

The Unknown Face of Yemen: A Conversation with Mariam Al-Dhubani

The war in Yemen is often depicted as a proxy war between Sunnite Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran.
For too long this reductive interpretation has been hindering a comprehensive peace process by disregarding local actors and social dynamics.
The present TNGO human story is aimed at looking beyond such an obscuring veil through the eyes of Mariam al-Dhubani, a Yemeni-Russian award-winning journalist and filmmaker, whose camera strives to capture the true face of her unknown homeland.

Beyond the Battlefront of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: A Conversation with Ulviyya Fataliyeva

Ulviyya Fataliyyeva, a talented 24-year-old chess player, heard Armenian missiles fall 1km from her house in Ganja, Azerbaijan. TNGO Contributor Daniela Movileanu interviews her to uncover the Human Story behind the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Young Overseas Chinese and the Identity Quest – A Conversation with Sally Lin

This Human Story treats issues concerning racial discrimination and identity. Due to the success the BLM movement has had worldwide, TNGO aims to widen this conversation to another group affected by COVID-19 discrimination: the Overseas Chinese.

Financial Control & Gender Equality – A Conversation with Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen

A place in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for finance. Cartier Women’s Initiative winners 2020. The largest financial educator targeting women in Northern Europe. Not bad for a group of women under 30. Anna Hartvigsen and the team at Female Invest are committed to the fight for gender equality.

TNGO writer Matthew Lynes virtually met up with Anna to discuss gender equality, finance and how she, at 26 years old, along with her co-founders Emma Blitz and Camilla Falkenberg managed to steer a company through the COVID-19 crisis and come out the other side with 2 globally-recognised awards.

Protesting for Change – A Conversation with Caroline Skye Grossman

The murder of George Floyd was one of the numerous cases of police brutality towards African-American people. This specific case seems to have raised unprecedented awareness about racism and initiated a series of protests under the slogan “black lives matter.” TNGO political analyst Aurora Ceccotti interviewed Caroline Skye Grossman, who explains what it is like to actively take part of this movement, protesting in the streets of New York.

Covid-19 Did Not Stop the Fight for Justice in Lebanon – A Conversation with Laila Kaddour

Laila Kaddour, from Tripoli, Lebanon, was interviewed by TNGO’s political analyst Aurora Ceccotti to have a personal point of view about what it means to live in Lebanon in this unprecedented historical period.

Bosnia, COVID, and Democracy – A Conversation with Una Vaskovic

TNGO’s Chief Editor Giacomo Di Capua interviewed Una Vaskovic, an expatriate Bosnian graduate student of International Affairs who had a first-hand view over the Bosnian government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.