Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Croatia, Potentially EU’s Latest Political Crisis

Croatian President Milanović threatens to violate the national constitution and run for Prime Minister, yet refuse to step down as President. He also dismisses the Constitutional Court ruling telling him it is unconstitutional and effectively bans him from running without stepping down as President by calling the decision irrelevant.

Kanal Istanbul: A Story of Dangerous and Controversial Megalomania

Since 2011, Erdogan has been pushing for the construction of a new canal to link the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. However, this project has been vastly criticized by the public and poses major concerns in a multitude of spheres from the environment to the geopolitical balance of the region.

[REPORT] Evolution of Women’s Rights in Turkey: The Fall of a Democracy

How the correlation between women’s rights and the democratic process of Turkey underlines that Erdoğan fails at respecting both of them?

Sudan: Russia’s New Pawn On The Chessboard

On November 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an agreement to set up a naval base on the Red Sea coast in Sudan. Given the strategic geographical position of Sudan, Russia has more to gain than to lose.

Hagia Sophia and the Role of Religion in Turkey’s Politics

The repurposing of the Byzantine monument Hagia Sophia into a mosque by President Erdogan has received a negative response in the Western countries. In Turkey, there’s no politics without religion. What does this decision mean for Turkey’s politics?

Sognando l’Europa: i migranti in trappola fra Grecia e Turchia

Il meccanismo di scambio fra accoglienza e denaro sembra esseri inceppato. Al contrario il fiume umano è ripartito e i migranti trovano ad aspettarli e in partenza solo lacrimogeni e bastonate.