The Parasite of Capitalism

From Parasite to a parasite, that is how the global focus has shifted in these first months of the nefarious 2020.

Unfortunately, just weeks later another parasite ramped on into the spotlight, with the breaking of the novel Coronavirus infecting over 200.000 people in the span of just two months, bringing the world into quarantine.

However, these two “parasites” share a similar menacing truth: they inherit flaws of the capitalist system which now more than ever is exposing its true unnatural features.

Sognando l’Europa: i migranti in trappola fra Grecia e Turchia

Il meccanismo di scambio fra accoglienza e denaro sembra esseri inceppato. Al contrario il fiume umano è ripartito e i migranti trovano ad aspettarli e in partenza solo lacrimogeni e bastonate.