(Analysis) Solidarity, Resistance & Liberation: The Afghan Women

The entire world held their breath as the Taliban took over the government in Afghanistan in 2021 wondering what it meant for women. While the Taliban exercises their orthodox and mysogisntic policies over women hiding behind the curtain of Sharia Law- women of Afghanistan have not held back and have been the front line of solidarity and resistance, protesting for liberation.

[ANALYSIS] What ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’ Means for Women’s Political Representation in the Southern African Development Community?

Most countries in the world, not least in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, have glaring underrepresentation of women in politics, which impacts substantive contribution to sustainable solutions inclusive of the perspectives of women. 

The Women of Belarus: From Tradition To Revolution

The recent presidential election in Belarus challenged the country’s status quo and its traditional mentality. Although President Lukashenko won, the main opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the Belarusian population, in particular the women, are currently playing an influential role in changing Belarus’ mentality.