UK’s Immigration Pledges Face Reality Check

On December 4th, 2023, UK Home Secretary James Cleverly outlined a “five-point plan” to reduce legal migration by 300,000 through tighter rules, impacting dependants, income thresholds, and job sponsorships. These changes, amidst Rishi Sunak’s pledge to reduce immigration, faced criticism for potentially exacerbating worker shortages and harming economic growth, as well as raising human rights concerns. The divisive plan and the scrutinized Rwanda Scheme indicate the Conservatives’ struggle to balance electoral promises with practical policy delivery.

A Culture War Won’t Save the Conservatives

The UK’s ruling Conservative Party faces certain defeat ahead of the next general election, with electoral losses and lagging opinion polls. The adoption of a US-style ‘culture war’ strategy may be a desperate attempt to regain ground, but critics feel it distracts from vital issues like the NHS and the economy. The party’s focus on social and cultural issues aligns with the populist right, raising questions about the party’s direction.

A Changing Political Landscape: The Growth of the Far-Right in Europe

Recurrent crises highlight a consistent failure of current leaders to meet demands of protection; protection against war, economic crashes, and immigration. This failure pushes individuals towards parties that offer different and extreme methods of protection. Such as expanding military power and cracking-down on so-called illegal migration. Here, far-right parties gain the opportunity to position themselves as champions of strength and safeguarding, offering new hard-line politics on immigration, economics, and nationalism.

[ANALYSIS] A Brief History of Rwanda: Understanding the UK-Rwanda Partnership Through a Historical Lens

This analysis introduces a brief history of Rwanda, in the belief that knowledge about a state’s past helps to elucidates its present. The article concludes with an analysis of the UK-Rwanda partnership in this historical context, asking whether this is a partnership that will really benefit Rwanda.

Flooding and Fibbing: The Absence of Climate Change Effort from Developed Countries

Following severe flooding across Europe, this article considers the actual efforts of developed countries, particularly in Europe, to substantially address climate change, and asks how much climate responsibility lies at the doorstep of the individual, the government and history.