In the wake of a seismic electoral shift that saw libertarian candidate Javier Milei triumph over the leftist Peronist governance in Argentina, the political landscape of the nation has undergone a profound transformation. As the defeated Peronist party grapples with internal dissent and finger-pointing, the emergence of prominent figures like Guillermo Moreno signals a potential ideological realignment within the traditional leftist stronghold.

Election Embers: Milei’s Unconventional Ascent in the Race for Argentina’s Presidency

This article examines how Argentine congressman Javier Milei has firmly positioned himself as one of the frontrunners in the upcoming presidential elections. This is in spite of his controversial views and radical proposals, which begs the question, will he actually be able to pull off this huge victory in one of South America’s largest states?

Milei: The Rise of the Populist Alt-right in Argentina

According to the famous political scientist Steven Levitsky, author of “How Democracies Die” there are three fundamental characteristics of populism. The economist Javier Milei is a character who seems to comply with two of Levitsky’s categories, which is reason enough to be alarmed – the author claims.