Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Romania And Bulgaria Partially Join Schengen Area

Bulgaria and Romania will finally be in the Schengen Area… partially. Air and Water controls will no longer be enforced yet land controls will not yet be abolished.

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Bulgaria Political Infighting Over Choosing Russia Or The West

Politicians have drastically different visions for Bulgaria. While The current Prime Minister, Nikolai Denkov wants to integrate Bulgaria further into the EU and NATO, President Rumen Radev wants to move Bulgaria closer to Russia. Citizens themselves are also split on the matter which has resulted in pro-EU protests along with pro-Russia demonstrations.

Let’s Tune In To The EU’s Periphery: Bulgarian Supreme Court Bans Gender Changes On Documents 

While gender transitioning is still legal, the Bulgarian Supreme Court has banned trans individuals from changing their gender on legal documents.