On the Brink of Destruction

Beatriz Lasheras Mas
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By Beatriz Lasheras Mas

Photo footage of the Nagasaki atomic bomb explosion. Credits: BBC

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Set up at 100 seconds away from midnight, the Doomsday Clock is closest than ever of the World’s destruction. Created in 1947 by The Bulleting of the Atomic Scientist, this clock is a metaphor about how close we are of destroying our planet.

The danger of a nuclear war and climate change, besides the threat of a cyber-enabled information warfare that undercuts society’s ability to respond are the reasons why this group of scientists had set up the clock closest of catastrophe than ever. The Bulleting of Atomic Scientist clarified that the international security situation is dire, not just because these threats exist, but because the inactivity of world leaders to face these challenges.

The last two years the Doomsday Clock was setting up at two minutes of midnight. It was even closer than during the worst years of The Cold War, when United States and Soviet Union were testing hydrogen bombs. Nowadays, the Doomsday Clock’s position has beaten the record of self-destruction. The tension between United States and Iran does not help the situation.

The Doomsday Clock. Credits: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

A big part of History was created by wars. Weapons had made already a huge damage to humanity. The First and Second World Wars are clear examples of it. The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 75 years ago. Right now, the use of atomic weapons will be even worse. As lot of times has been said it, just pressing a button our planet will be totally destroyed.

  • Do you think we will witness a Third World War?
  • What could we do to stop the scale of international tension and to control the Environment’s damage? 

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On the Brink of Destructi…

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