UK: a three-year-old Brexit – Projections & Perspectives

Francesco Felici

By Francesco Felici

Acting UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) and former PM Theresa May (R). Credits: SkyNews

It was June 23rd of 2016 when the UK with a 51.9% majority of voting decided to take their country outside the European Union.

By appealing to the article 49A (art. 50 TEU) of the Lisbon Treaty, London had started a process of detachment from the Union that would have affected all the remaining 27 Member States.

Now, more than 3 years later, Theresa May – the leader that was to supposed to take the UK out of the Union – had been replaced by Boris Johnson. The latter, with an hairstyle that resembles Donald Trump, and a political narrative similar to the ones of Oswald Mosley, has recently smashed the election by a landslide with 358 votes in the House of Commons.

For a fleeting moment, it seemed like the dream of a more left-wing oriented England captained by Jeremy Corbyn could have happened, and that the whole Brexit could have been reconsidered. Nonetheless, the supremacy of the Tories and the Conservative party once again prevailed.

Now, Johnson has already stated that he wants to take the UK out of the Union by January 31st, and it seems now that a harsh Brexit it is the way they are going to go.

The end of this uncanny political process is yet to be written, but we can be sure that the repercussion of this event will be felt for years inside and outside the European Union.

  • Where did you think Mr. Corbyn and his labour campaign went wrong and why?
  • Do you believe there is still room for a more left wing oriented England?

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UK: a three-year-old Brex…

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