The Newest U.S. Strategy to Tame Inflation

Inflation is a side of the coin all economic operators try to manage and leverage to their advantage. This matter becomes particularly pressing when you are the President of one of the strongest economical forces in the world. However, there are situations not even the most skilled economists can foresee, and drastic measures might need to be put in place to prevent greater damage.

Native Boarding Schools: The Other Side of the New World

From the moment European colonizers accidentally found a path to reach the New World, they made this land into their source of wealth. Raw materials, crops, precious metals, and even people were drawn from it to become commodities that would deepen the continental royalties’ pockets. However, this process started in the late 15th century and it could seem like after the 4th of July 1776, there had been no remaining shadow of this foreign presence. However, a group of peoples who inhabited the land long before any other outsiders set foot on it, the natives, took one of the hardest hits. They were forced out of their homes, persecuted for their culture, and ostracized for fighting to keep it alive. It is a part of History we are often not told about, but their presence and fight for freedom and recognition seem to be coming to fruition in the last years.