[ANALYSIS] What ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’ Means for Women’s Political Representation in the Southern African Development Community?

Most countries in the world, not least in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, have glaring underrepresentation of women in politics, which impacts substantive contribution to sustainable solutions inclusive of the perspectives of women. 

Can Civic Tech Flip the Script of Youth Participation in Elections in the SADC Region?

Youth support for the democracy project has been waning over the years evidenced by voter apathy. It is therefore incumbent upon governments and other stakeholders to maximise civic tech tools to influence and attract this demography to vote or compete for political office, as part of the measures to strengthen democracy in the SADC region.

Constitutional Review in Botswana: The Nexus between Cultural-Liberal Values and its Implications for Foreign Policy

Cultural and liberal norms have a place in Botswana’s modern constitutional order. It is imperative for the country’s constitution to be drafted in such a way that these values and norms are reconciled in the interest of social cohesion. It is also worth noting that cultural underpinnings have always had a bearing on the country’s diplomacy.