MIDDLE EAST: The Scream For Justice

by Sonia Harim

Photo footage from the Arab Spring protests in Egypt. Credits: The New York Times

The wave of protests that has been shaking the Middle East recently isn’t just a simple call for reforms, nor a contagious will for revolution.

The Middle East has been home to wars, corruption and foreign interest especially in these last years: ISIS, internal issues and international intervention, sanctions and lack of resources due to incapable administration of the government. This pays off, with revolts and death.

However, the revolts that have been rising in the Middle East these last months – Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran – have been peaceful and some even punctually joyful, although everyone was extremely aware of the risks, as police and army brutality aren’t something new in the Middle East and cannot be compared to that of the West.

The blatant corruption that hardens the day-to-day life of citizens has arrived to critical points, especially due to the price of oil, health-care, electricity and other basic comforts. Conscious of how politics works in Middle Eastern countries, the population can resist until a certain point, and, seeing that the Arab Spring did only bring spring for some and even for just a short period of time, the work is not done for those who want to lead normal, stable lives.

Protesters gather in Tahrir Square on February 1, 2011. Credits: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Image

There is one common factor in the Middle Eastern revolutions: it is for the well-being of all citizens, regardless of ethnicity or affiliation, and women have been very present in the protests.

Al-Tahrir square, which would translate to “Liberation Square” in Arabic, is the main square in many capitals in the Middle East, and now they’re holding their name proudly more than ever

  • Until what point does the West genuinely care about the lives of those living in Middle Eastern dictatorships, to help or assist them rebuild their nation? Wouldn’t that be more fruitful for everyone?
  • How will those Middle Eastern countries that are arising from the ashes align themselves in the region with the US – Russia – Iran axis?

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