FRANCE: Macron Renounces His Life Pension as President

Lucìa Ballester Bellver

By Lucìa Ballester Bellver

President Macron announcing his decision not to retire according to French pension plans. Credits: CNN

The French head of state refused to benefit from a 1955 law that makes him receive for life upon leaving the Presidency an equivalent amount to the salary of a state councilor of about 6,220 euros gross per month.

France pension system is divided into 42 “special regimes” across private and public sectors. Pensions for private-sector employees are calculated based on their 25 best years of salary; meanwhile, in the public sectors, pensions are based on the last six months of salary. Under the new retirement plan, those who have worked a full career will be entitled to a monthly pension of €1,000 minimum per month.

The reform does not end here and not everyone is happy: strikes around the nation have collapsed France since controversial pension reform in December 2019: this consists on the implementation of a single points-based system with a mandatory minimum retirement age of 62 instead of 42 separate schemes that provided early retirement for many public-sector workers.

Macron then,  becomes the first French president to renounce his life pension as former president of the Republic. He will not receive it at the end of your term, or when he will retire.

  • Do you think that the life pensions of politicians are an unnecessary waste?
  • Are the French protests justly motivated?
  • Do you think Macron has given up his pension because of the political difficulties he is going through?

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FRANCE: Macron Renounces …

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