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[ANALYSIS] The Geopolitical Context of Increased Involvement of Great Powers and Middle Powers in Central Asia

Central Asia countries (CAC) are located in a competitive neighbourhood and have had to become adept at realpolitik since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. CAC have been compelled to leverage their respective ties with China to counterbalance Russia as well as develop linkages with the Western power centres to balance against both local hegemons, Russia, and China. This has attracted the attention and interest of Middle Powers as well.

Ukraine’s Latest Near Crisis: Russian Opportunism or a Harbinger of War?

On April 23, 2021, Russia “withdrew” its forces, which it had built up along its border with Ukraine. After a rather rapid escalation and then stagnation of tensions, the question remains: is Russia an opportunist, taking advantage of an “opening” it found, or is this event a real, viable threat to regional stability? Is Russia trying to start an international war or is it merely testing Western waters to see what it can reap without damaging consequences?

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What is The New Global Order?

TNGO is an international, independent, and nonprofit think tank providing free in-depth analyses about international affairs. You can read more about our editorial staff here.

In what does The New Global Order differ from any other media outlet?

TNGO was born out of the necessity to provide unbiased analyses of international political phenomena to the widest audience possible. We have three distinguishing features:
1. Independent: TNGO is based on voluntary contributions and does not accept funding from external sources. Our goal is to write impartial analyses to educate the general public.
2. International: TNGO is one of the few think tanks to publish contents in four languages with an international team of editors.
3. Nonprofit: TNGO does not generate profits and does not share dividends. All our revenues and donations (if any) are immediately re-invested in the think tank.

What is the official language of TNGO?

We at TNGO try to be as accessible as possible. For this reason, we now publish contents in four languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French) and we are planning to feature contents in other languages too.

Can I submit my articles to TNGO?

Of course. We are always looking for new contributors that share our vision of journalism to join TNGO.
If you want to become a political analyst for TNGO and be an integral part of the editorial team, send your CV and a brief motivational statement to info@thenewglobalorder.com .
If you want to have your pieces published occasionally and at your own pace, you can become a Guest Contributor for TNGO by sending the pieces you would like to publish to info@thenewglobalorder.com together with a brief motivational statement.

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