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School of Sustainability

The School of Sustainability (SoS) is a pre-bachelor, action-based vocational education course focused on building skills that can be professionally applied towards efficient climate knowledge and action. It is the result of the collective work of three youth-led organizations: ISEC, TNGO, and Rethinking Climate.

About the Program

Climate Change is one of the most compelling issues of the 21st century. Today businesses, institutions, and citizens all across the world are today called to adapt to more sustainable standards of life, politics, and economics. Preserving the environment requires the education of future policymakers, voters, and businesspeople about the reality of climate change, alongside the choices that one can make to embrace environmental sustainability from a young age.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by remote learning and its impacts on the quality of educational standards, we are proud to present the School of Sustainability (SoS). Moved by the imperative of making education more accessible, students will be given the possibility to learn from high-profile experts and activists in the industry and interact with them during Q&A sessions. Moreover, lessons, workshops, and group projects will be offered to students in order to build skills that are fundamental for the environmental citizens of tomorrow.

First Edition of “Spring School of Sustainability”

The first edition of the Spring School of Sustainability is being offered by TNGO in partnership with ISEC Italia and Rethinking Climate. The School is aimed at providing students with actionable knowledge and valued skills as prospective workers in the green industry and citizens in a world affected by climate change. The program will start on March 15, 2022, and run for a total of three months with a mix of asynchronous and live content for the students.

What will the school include?

The program includes four modules, each composed of lectures, live sessions, skill-building workshops, and case studies to provide students with topical subjects to think critically of issues at the core of sustainability studies. The modules included in the Spring School are:

  1. Introduction to Sustainability Studies
  2. Renewables & Journalistic Reporting
  3. Pollution Management and Solutions
  4. Food Systems and Food Waste
  5. Waste Management & Energy Production

School Calendar

1 March 2022: Registration Opens

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10 March 2022: Registration Closes

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15 March 2022: Launch of Spring School

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15 May 2022: End of Spring School

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Upon satisfactory completion of the assessments included in the modules, the program organizers will issue a certificate of completion to all successful participants.

Enrollment, Registration Costs, and Mode of Attendance

40 participants, €0 to enroll, 100% Remote

Registration opens in

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