Haiti is Shaking: The Impact of the Last Earthquake on the Vulnerability of the Country

This article tries to analyze the impacts of Haiti’s last earthquake by going behind the event itself and exploring the already weak and unstable country. How this environmental disaster hit an already weak and unstable country, intertwining with the political crisis, economic stagnation and social conditions of the population?

One Year of The New Security Law in Hong Kong: An Assessment of the State of Democracy

Two years ago protests broke in Hong Kong against the undemocratic practices of the Chinese regime. One year ago The New Security Law paved the way to a series of attacks to democracy in the city. How has China achieved this? What is its strategy?

The Palm Oil Havoc in Indonesia

Indonesian forests have been destroyed at a significant rate to create plantations for the palm oil industry. Behind the environmental impacts to forests, rivers, and air, there is a serious human impact, with threats to the life of entire indigenous communities. All this with poor account to the responsible, being companies and government actors.