Could Inflation Prove More Damaging than Parties to Boris Johnson’s Leadership?

There is a growing crisis hiding behind the ‘party-gate’ scandal currently being faced by Boris Johnson and his Conservative party. This article explores the issues of, and solutions to, inflation and the rising cost of living currently facing the UK. Could this crisis prove to be an even bigger threat to Boris Johnson’s leadership?

Great Britain’s Energy Failure: Poor Economic Structures Lead to Crisis

This November, many Britons will be seeing their first or second extraordinary energy bills as winter rears its bitter head and homes grow cold. While winter creates a familiar dent in many British pockets due to increased heating bills, this year the dent is closer to a chasm.

Flooding and Fibbing: The Absence of Climate Change Effort from Developed Countries

Following severe flooding across Europe, this article considers the actual efforts of developed countries, particularly in Europe, to substantially address climate change, and asks how much climate responsibility lies at the doorstep of the individual, the government and history.

Lula Livre! Ex-President Lula da Silva Has Conviction Annulled

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, known as Lula, has had his political rights restored after The Supreme Court’s new ruling allowed a judge to annul his criminal convictions. In this article we will cover the history of Lula and his conviction, and what his freedom means for the political landscape of Brazil.

The Forgotten Land: A Look at Northern England

The debate between the North and South of England has long been a contentious topic, but to what extent is this rooted in history or a result of political neglect? TNGO writers Clara Browne-Amorim and Matthew Lynes explore the past and present of the North.

Infrastructure and Over-Exploitation: Draining Mexico City Dry

Mexico City used to look a lot like Venice, so why is it now facing a water crisis? In this article we will explore the factors that have created the crisis, and discuss possible solutions with Andrea Lefranc, our local source in the heart of the city.

Why Colonialism in Education Benefits the Working Class

The history of colonialism in Britain is undeniably hidden from view, leaving the majority of the population educationally neglected on such a vital period of history. Introducing the topic to the country’s curriculum could have a profound impact on the majority of groups in society.